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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deck Staining and Sealing Clarksville, TN

This is a deck that we completed yesterday. The transformation for this deck was nothing short of amazing. To go from a deck covered with algae and gray from the weathering over the years to what it looks like now, you would think wood was replaced.

We started by cleaning and brightening the deck surfaces. This process involves pressure washing the deck to remove the larger debris. We then apply a cleaning solution to the deck and wash once again. After the cleaning the wood is left darker than wood should be. This is caused by raising the PH levels in the wood with the cleaning solution. We then apply a brightener that in effect neutralizes the PH and brings it back to normal levels.

If the PH is not correct then you can have a wood surface that will not accept a stain or sealer of any kind and cause premature failure. Proper preparation and chemical application is needed to obtain the proper finish and to get the longevity out of that deck stain.

For more information or to contact us visit our deck staining home page.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Doctor's Challenge - Carnival ride cleaning!

Yesterday was a unique experience in the life of The Cleaning Doctor.

We had the opportunity to clean some carnival rides. What an experience it was. It is amazing how dirty these things get.

We cleaned several of these rides and some of the supporting trailers. It was a site to see the rides go together as fast as they did.

This just goes to prove that there is no challenge too large or unique for The Cleaning Doctor. If it is dirty we can clean it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wood Restoration or Preservation

I wanted to talk to you some about wood care. What is so special about wood care, you ask? Well without the proper procedures you can be wasting your hard earned money.

Have you ever purchased a product from the local box store, only to have it fail within a years time? It is not necessarily that these products are bad but the process of applying it is incorrect. Thus causing premature failure.

Without the proper protection from the elements your exterior wood will warp, bow, cup, split and just rot. This will result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars in wood replacement. Your deck is an extension of your home and a great place to enjoy and entertain.

Let's look at cleaning methods. You have wood that is greyed or black from mildew and now you want to restore your wood. Some so called professionals use a pressure washer alone to clean this off the wood surface. By itself the pressure washer is not a good choice. Even though you have cleaned the surface, mold and mildew spores remain in the wood fibers and when you apply a sealer over the top of these spores you will have mold or mildew growth under the finish and eventually causing the finish to fail.

Some professionals use bleach. Even some stain manufacturers tell you to use bleach or make a cleaner based on bleach as the main ingredient. This will work and it will kill the mold or mildew but at a price. The wood will end up being lighter than the original wood because it bleaches out the natural color of the wood. This will cause your stain to have a different look than you intended. Bleach is also used in the process of manufacturing paper to help break up the wood fibers. Why would you use this on a deck or fence?

Well what should my wood restoration professional use to clean my deck?

You can use various store bought cleaners but here are some guidelines. For stripping an old finish, the cleaner used should be a sodium hydroxide based cleaner. Fair warning this can cause chemical burns and kill vegetation. If you have wood with no previous sealer then you would use a sodium percarbonate based cleaner which is much easier on the wood. Both of the cleaners need to be followed up with an application of either citric acid or oxalic acid to neutralize the cleaners and restore the natural PH levels of the wood.

Using bleach leaves the PH levels extremely high and thus the wood surface will not accept the stain as readily as it would have normally.

One last thing, for best results let your wood weather for 6 months before applying any stain or sealer. It is not required but you will get better results and the finish will last longer thus saving you money.

Stay tuned for future posts where we discuss our stain choices and why we use them.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Clarksville, TN Window Cleaning

"The Cleaning Doctor" provides high quality window cleaning services in "Clarksville, TN and Surrounding Areas". Call me at: "931-933-5421".

Windows are one of the most valuable parts of every home or business and rightfully so because, with proper care, the longevity of your windows will increase dramatically.

Clean windows will...

1. 'Reduce Energy Costs' - by allowing the R-value of your glass to cool and heat your interior spaces properly.

2. 'Maximize Glass Clarity' - allowing you to enjoy the world outside from the comfort of your home.

3. 'Improve Image' - Your home or business deserves a high profile image and that's what you'll receive with my window cleaning services.

4. 'Minimize Embarrassment' - Window glass is the most visible place to see grime and the most difficult to clean. Professionally cleaned windows will minimize the embarrassment when you have guests over so they can enjoy the delicious meal you've prepared instead of dwelling on your dirty windows.

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and noticed greasy food smears across the window glass? Honestly, I immediately exit the restaurant and find another place to eat. I know that if the windows aren't clean then the likely hood of the restaurant being sanitary... Is very unlikely!

Yep... I'm passionate about my work. You could say, I'm Wild About Window Cleaning! And, when you see the results I can provide you, you'll be a believer too!

"The Cleaning Doctor" provides the following services:

Window Cleaning
Screen Cleaning
Glass Restoration
Glass Sealing
Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Washing
Roof Stain Removal
Deck and Fence Restoration

I know you value your property and so do I. I look forward to working with you. Call me today to schedule a 'no obligation' - FREE estimate.


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