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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beware of low prices and extremely high ones.

Most home owners will call several companies that advertise for the services that are needed to get the best price they can in order to save money. They should do this and do their due diligence to make sure they are not getting ripped off.

Now there are many fly by night companies out there that state that they are the lowest price guaranteed. This is good if you are purchasing like products but services are an entirely different thing. For example if you are purchasing a dishwasher made by Whirlpool, it doesn't matter who you buy from. The dishwasher will be the same no matter who you purchase from. But a service is different in that quality can vary from vendor to vendor. The other thing that is different would be that say someone gave you a bid of $300 to wash the exterior of your home and the next vendor gives you a quote of $99 for the same service.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum, where the homeowner is charged an outrageous price for these same services. These are legitimate vendors but their methods may not lend itself to expeditious cleaning methods, forcing the vendor to charge more for their services.

The differences comes in the procedures used and quality of the finished product. Not to mention that the vendor that only charges $99 for this job usually takes much longer to complete and does not have the professional equipment required to do the job safely and efficiently. This vendor more times than not also does not carry any type of liability insurance to protect your home. Lack of knowledge can also lead to unseen issues that will arise later. One example is the improper use of a pressure washer to clean vinyl siding. You could have those squiggly wand marks that come from using too much pressure or they can force water up under the siding thus causing mold to develop unseen between the siding and the home's interior. If they are using a hot water machine there is a chance they could warp the siding from the heat also. Who's going to pay for the damage if they don't have insurance?

Anyone can buy a pressure washer and claim that they are in the business of cleaning and pressure washing. Did you know that as a home owner you could be held in violation of the CWA (Clean Water Act) if the contractor does not properly protect from run off into storm drains as these usually lead directly to streams and rivers? This can result in fines for the vendor and the home owner regardless of who is at fault. It is your responsibility, as the property owner, to ensure that your vendor complies with these laws. Ignorance of the law will not hold up on court.

No matter who you choose for your cleaning services be sure to ask for proof of insurance to ensure that your home and property will be protected. You will sleep better if you do.

Here at The Cleaning Doctor we do all that is possible to eliminate any violation of the Clean Water Act, thus protecting ourselves and you the property owner. When we clean we do all that is humanly possible whether it is a roof cleaning, house wash, wood restoration or concrete cleaning.

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