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Sunday, July 5, 2009

How is your curb appeal? Does your home exterior need cleaning?

How is the curb appeal on your home? Are you thinking of putting your home on the market?

If your roof looks like the one to the right be prepared to receive lower bids. These shingles look like they are going to need replacing soon.

Roof stain removal is possible and inexpensive compared to other home improvement options.
You can lose a buyer before they even pull into the drive way. They may decide to keep on driving and pick another house. Let's say you have the best finished interior home in Clarksville, TN. This will not matter if you can not get buyers in the door. They will drive up and change their minds saying to themselves that the house sure looked better in the photos. Don't let this happen to you. Secondly a home with a clean exterior will bring a higher bid than an identical home next door or down the street.

There are several things that you can do to the exterior of your home to keep the buyers interest. First is well maintained landscaping, trim back or remove those overgrown bushes and for heaven's sake keep the lawn mowed and trimmed. Cheapest thing you can do.
Next you must clean the outside of your home. This includes the roof as that is the largest single expense to replace (unless you have an large expansive deck). It is also the most noticeable. When a husband and wife walk up to a house the wife generally looks at the landscaping first while the husband will look at the roof first.

Then the next item is the gutters, if you have trees growing in the gutters you have just told the potential buyer that I didn't take care of this house. I was so lazy I didn't take the time to clean my gutters or hire someone to clean them. Well maybe you don't have trees growing in your gutter but take a look at the outside. Notice the black streaks? You need to get those off of there but there is a problem, these streaks are the hardest of the items to clean and most times require scrubbing to remove them. From a distance they look ok but up close they are filthy. Want to sell your home faster and for more money? Clean gutters look like new gutters.

Now we get to the siding. On my house the color of the vinyl siding is a yellowish tan color and it does not look bad from a distance but up close it looked terrible. Dusty looking mildew all over it with darker spotting. Well out comes the house wash and now that siding looks like it should. Clean and no mildew.

Probably the most neglected part of a home is the deck and fence because it is in the rear of the home and it has to have constant attention. Depending on the wood and the weather in Clarksville, TN your deck may need attention every year or two. Fences can go longer because (hopefully no one is walking on it) vertical surfaces hold up better because the water drains easily. If you can't afford to have the entire deck finished then at least have that old gray wood brightened. Make the fence and deck look like it was just built.

Doing all the things or at least some of them will greatly increase your chances of selling your home faster. Unless they are bargain shoppers the buyers usually want a house they do not have to put work into right from the start. This is where Great White Technologies comes in, We specialize in the cleaning of the exterior of your home. From roof stain removal to wood restoration and siding/house wash to gutter cleaning.

Make your Clarksville, Tennessee home shine on the outside like a beacon calling the buyers to view the beautiful interior of your home.

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