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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Dangers of Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning can be one of the most dangerous undertakings by the average home owner. Lack of experience and improper equipment are just 2 of the dangers physically without even getting to the chemicals that need to be used. Things such as improperly securing a ladder, wet / loose shingles or improper footwear can cause a fall that could cause serious or even fatal injuries. Hint: Don't wear sandals or loose fitting footwear when on a roof.

Is a clean roof really worth taking that kind of risk? What happens to your family if you are injured or worse? Now with the physical equipment mentioned the biggest risk with cleaning your roof are the chemicals and their compatibility with other substances.

How would you like to have a 2 foot hole in your house and get a ride in a helicopter? This actually happened to a man in Tampa, Florida. Check out the story in the St. Petersburg Times and see for yourself. This was a very unfortunate accident but at least the home owner was intelligent enough to hire someone to do the work for him. His mistake was picking the wrong contractor for the job. He hired someone that specialized in pressure washing and not a company that specialized in the application of chemicals to clean roofs.

Your Tennessee home is most likely your largest investment and the roof is the most expensive part of that investment. I have said it before and I probably say it more than you want to hear but it is my opinion that you should leave the cleaning of your roof to a knowledgable, licensed and insured professional. They have the proper knowledge, chemicals, and equipment to keep you and your family safely on the ground. For the sake of your roof, find a contractor that specializes in non-pressure roof cleaning in Tennessee.

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