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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Off the shelf roof cleaning chemicals. Do they WORK?

I know you have seen all sorts of advertising about roof cleaning chemicals. You can purchase these products in the big box stores all day long but there is something they are not telling you. These chemicals are not recommended by the Asphalt Shingle Manufacturers Association (ARMA) for your Tennessee roof. Most of these products are Sodium Hydroxide based and can be very dangerous, as any chemical can be if not applied properly. Sodium Hydroxide can cause chemical burns and other irritations and it is odorless. Thus it gives you no warning to clear the area.

ARMA recommends the use of Sodium Hypochlorite for the cleaning of your asphalt shingle roof, thus removing the roof stains from your Nashville or Clarksville, Tennessee home. Sodium Hydroxide is a degreaser and very good at that. It is used to clean commercial kitchen hoods. Your shingles are asphalt, a very thick type of grease. What do you think will happen to your shingles? People are trying to get a one size fits all cleaner. Well there is none, at least not yet.
You will find sites that state bleach is bad for your plants and your roof. Do you think they now more than the shingle manufacturers? They are correct about Sodium Hypochlorite being bad for your plants, but there again protective measures can be taken. You put bleach in your washing machine don't you? Read the bottle and see what the active ingredient is, Sodium Hypochlorite. What would you rather have used on your home, a chemical with no warning or smell or one that smells like bleach? Most of the sites that bash the use of bleach/sodium hypochlorite for TN roof stain removal will have a product to sell you.

Why don't they put Sodium Hypochlorite in their roof cleaning chemicals you ask? Short shelf life is the answer. Sodium Hypochlorite degrades quickly so it needs to be used quickly or it looses it's strength. The same reason you need to keep putting chlorine in a pool. Time and the sun cause the chemical to degrade quickly.

Yes we are in the roof cleaning business but if you don't use us to have your roof cleaned at least use a roof cleaner that uses non pressure techniques utilizing the ARMA recommended chemicals.

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